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This explains all the sectors within Black Saga,such as the widely known 'Sector Y'.
But what ARE these sectors? In Black Saga,the entire US country is under full communistic dictatorship.The once United States were formed together as one nation,then split into 26 parts then on,named after all the letters of the alphabet.

Each Sector can be ranked higher than the last,and like the states before,there are cities within them.

All sectors are known to have grids in the skies above them,this is over the entire country of the US,it's usually to signal Sector Y when invaders are infiltrating the country,along with mainly showing the population,it's curfew time.

Blue symbolizes it's day time,where people are able to be out without need to rush inside,while at night it's red,symbolizing strict curfew.

If people do not possess curfew passes,which are giving strictly to night laborers,certain CEO and Business People,workers for Sector Y,and so on,they are killed directly.


Sector Y

Sector H

Sector V

Sector Q

Sector W

Sector G

Sector J

Sector P

Sector L

Sector T

Sector Z

Sector N

Sector M

Sector K

Sector B

Sector C

Sector D

Sector X

Sector I

Sector R

Sector S

Sector E

Sector U

Sector O

Sector A

Sector F



Sector H - (Threat to Sector Y)

This sector is known for rebelling against the government within the nation in order to turn the strict control of the country back to freedom as it once was.But many fights have broken out between Sector H and Y,but many thieves,spies,and even assassins have attempted to steal information,work and terminate those within Sector Y.All attempts so far have failed.Their newest form of action is to gain outside communication from other rebel sectors and outside countries,Such as Russia,Thailand,Japan,England or Australia.

Sector Q -  (Threat to Sector Y)

Another rebel sector known to be an undercover ally to Sector Y,working as a double agent fleet.But their main goal is unknown,some within Sector Q have been known to attempt to sell information of Sector Y to outside countries.

Sector J - (Threat to Sector Y)

Known for its massive possession of incoming weapons and communication to outside resources,they are in league with sector Y,yet they seem two sided.They provide both weapons,materials,oils and other forms of resources within the sector.But it is known for them to act out.

Sector I - (Threat to Sector Y)

Another sector known for acting out of place,rebelling time to time against Y to try to overthrow it with Sector H and Q's help.But usually the attempts fail.Many times the populations of Sector I have been cut down due to biological experimentation such as disease manipulation along with releasing viruses within the sector that are able to be contained,yet be released within the population itself.

Sector Y (Threat to all other Sectors)

Sector Y is most heavily guarded and protected sector,as well as being the strongest,they hold the most weapons and resources in the country.Along with being the strongest authority amongst it.Their arsenal of weapons,soldiers,biological weapons and assassins,they are barely ever challenged,but those who do,never survive long.Or..rarely do.



Sector Y -

The biggest sector in the country.It is set within the north west.It is the strongest and most powerful sector within the whole country.Nothing can get in or out without it's authorization.It's the most heavily guarded and protected Sector within the nation.This Sector is where Warden and her power resides.Almost all of the country is within her reach.The laws of Sector Y are rule,and they set both the curfew and laws of the country.

Sector Y is along one of the most evil sectors that create experiments that test God himself.Mainly forms of biological weapons and warfare.

Sector V -

One of the biggest sectors within the country next to Sector Y.This sector is known for its peaceful and calm cities within the country,despite it's a strict sector under hard rule,like many other sectors.Sector V is the most easiest and most calm place to live within the US. It's known for it's perfect record for causing no trouble or harming anyone.It's a peaceful place anyone can live in harmony,but those who pose threats are executed on the spot.It holds many shops,markets,apartments,small farms,homes,malls and other forms of daily living within it.


Owl City - A relaxing farmer's city

Harpton - A busy business city,similar to New York just less crowded.

Menson - A calm town,just the typical suburban town,with it's usual apartments,buildings,stores,shops and schools.

Jerryvile - Another farmer's town,usually filled with peaceful brick homes and cabins,along with its main attraction of a huge,beautiful,lake.Many small businesses are within it's small town as well.

Karklen - A busy town with just the simple nessecities,this city is the closest to Sector Y,yet luckily it isnt any threat,so it causes no trouble.

Sector H -

One of the threats to Sector Y,it's a big sector to itself near the south east.It usually sends both spies and assassins of its own to obtain some form of knowledge to use against it,despite many attempts are usually failures.Sector H is known for its crowded cities and citizens.


Sharpten Bridge - A very busy city that usually never rests.Even at midnight it's crowded and bustling.

Lakeland View - A somewhat little business man's town,but with less people and buildings.A normal place to live within.

Sector U -

Sector U may have it's threats to Sector Y,yet it's a somewhat good place to live.It doesnt have as much stress as other cities,despite it isnt as good as Sector V or P.
It has the usual parts of a city you would expect,it has the highest amount of educational levels than any other sector,so it's known for it's students and colleges.


Gregston - A big city known for it's big time colleges and schools.Usually people visit it for vacation,for those who DO get the chance to.It's usually known for it's well maintained streets and low crime levels.

Asdonberg - A small town known for it's apple-pie-mom feel to it.Usually a nit pick place that isnt connected to many big time sectors.Usually a nice place to relax,along with it's amish-like style.

Sector F -

Sector F is the lowest ranking sector due to its size,it merely consists of 1 city,usually to its self,that doesnt actually provide any form of resources to any other sector than itself.It's known for it's Factories and productions.

Sector P-

A sector that's the 5th biggest sector within the country.It's located in the middle of the country near Sector's V and U.It's the 2nd best place to live due to it's peaceful and calm nature,as it causes no threat to Sector Y,it has the lowest rate of crime and killings in the country next to Sector V.


Rubertson - A big city that's oddly peaceful to live in despite it's massive population and size.It has the average inhabitants and a good city budget and school funding.Many people who live or come to Sector P,usually come to Rubertson first.

GlassDale - Named for it's glass production.It's known as the biggest city for the glass industries.Along with it's rural country sides.

Yellow Stone - Named after the 'Yellow Stone Park',its known for its big city,yet for it's beautiful site of nature and peaceful lakes,ponds and rivers.Usually people who live here are calm folk who cause no trouble.

Herpston City - A business city,yet has a good amount of morals.Its known for its big time restaurants and family style feel.

Sector A -

Sector A is another single town sector that ruffles no feathers.It's always usually to itself,yet it's one of the few populations to end up being tested on unknowingly by biological weapons.

Sector O -

The worst sector within the country,it's known for its crowed and rude inhabitants,its also known for it's high crime level and corruptions.There were 5 main cities,yet in 2024 they all merged together as one big city together.

Sector G -

Sector G is known for it's simple city.Nothing can really be said to describe it.It's a purely neutral city.

Sector I -

Once a huge threat to Sector Y when the country was first under the control of it's new's population was cut down dramatically by biological viruses used to test their strength on the citizens.It's known for rebelling against Sector Y,yet now a days,it's seen for it's borderline relationship with it.


Dunberg - A city that was first destroyed by biological weapons.Recently it's been rebuilt,but many try to avoid it.So it's population is dramatically cut.

Fallmens Hub - The biggest city within Sector I,its a neutral city,nothing to good,yet not to bad either.

Sector J -

Known for it's massive possession of supplying Sector Y and it's Allies weapons and resources,despite its population tries to rebel against Sector Y to try to fight for freedom,it is a split city,half of its citizens are rebels,the other full time supporters.


Thomas Way - A busy little town usually known for factories,more than seeing the sights.

Grundum Hill - A huge city known for its industries and buildings,it usually is always busy,people rarely are seen having fun within it's walls.

Sector X -

Sector X is one of the smallest sectors within the country,not much can explain it,since people rarely populate it.So it has no real cities.Merely refugees and cut throats live there.

Sector D -

Sector D is a bland sector that has no real purpose,merely for down tradaned people to live in,it causes no real harm to anything,merely to give those who truly cant make do within other sectors a place to live.

Sector C -

Another un-important sector that causes no real threat,this sector is merely used as a place for vacation to those who are allowed to visit other sectors.It's known for its beaches due to being with the state of Florida once was.

Sector T -

A big sector that's the second middle sector within the nation.It's known for having a peaceful population and reputation,just giving other sectors resources,yet oddly,it has no cities like most sectors,despite it's size.It's merely seen as a whole city,despite it's the size of a state.It's located where the state of South Carolina once was.

Sector R -

Sector R was once known for its medical resources,it still has that reputation despite it's dulled down some,it's also known for its cloths and cotton resources.It isnt a big Sector,but it is still valuable to other sectors.Like Sector T,it's oddly one big city.

Sector Z -

A city mainly used for storage and factories.People ususally dont live there,due to it's major population reputation and emission.

Sector S -

One of the biggest sectors in the country,it doesnt make much threat to Sector Y as others do,yet it isnt considored a full ally to it either.It's known for it's food resources,meat,tofu and vegetables.Along with jucies,milks and other forms of misc food.


Humberg York - A big farming city known for it's cattle,pork,poltery and produce.Its inhabitied by many country style folk,and rarely with huge buildings and factories.It's somewhat expensive to live in due to it's 'All natarual' food and materials.Mainly all the food in this city is organic.

Hudson Lake - A city in a rural villa along with being half a main town city,it's known for it's high educational system and wonderful food,it has some of the best homestyle food and restaurants,along with big time stores and malls.It has most of the big name hotels here in this city.

Gurys Riverland - A big town known for it's water resources,this is a wonderful place to come to in the summer.

Sectors M,L,and N -

The only sectors to be combined together as one main sector.It's a sector split into 3 parts,yet considered as one sector in harmony.It's known for it's partnership with every other sector.Even Sector Y.


Rhode Isles - Named after 'Rhode Island',it's a small town near the oceans that is used for it's ocean resources,along with it's fish and seafood supplies to the rest of the country.

Ground Harpers - A small town near the tip of the north known for it's mountains and ice.Not many southerners live here due to the massive cold that resides in the town.It's known for it's cold and ice resources.

Jason's Avanue - A big city known for it's metallic resources,such as steel,iron,copper,lead, and so on materials.It's a big city with many big hotels,libraries and so on.It's also known for it's little town shops throughout the country.

Udastan - A city usually known for it's dry climate,it rarely is mentioned throughout the country,yet it produces the most sun-powered energy in the country.

Timdales - A town known for its spas and famous hotels and inns.



-Black Saga (c)


I finally got to the Guide of the Sectors for Black Saga(c) ! DEAR GOD,MY ATTENTION SPAN..MY BRAIN,IM IN PAAAAAIN.

Anyway it was fun,it was a major thinker,but I enjoyed making this :3.

I hope somehow this is helpful to explain how the sectors work <3
I know I spelled many things wrong; FORGIVE ME ;u;
Anyhoo,please enjoy c:

BLACK SAGA AND WORK (c) ~The-Greedy-WitchBoy
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